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The ADT’s Community Kitchen

Updated: Feb 20

The recent political unrest and economic situation in Sri Lanka have contributed to the unprecedented food shortage and staggering price rises in Sri Lanka. People are forced to spend three times as much on essentials, adapt to various methods and adjust their lifestyles to endure the current situation in the country.

Therefore the ADT initiated a community kitchen in June of 2022 to provide hot, healthy, nutritious meals to the less fortunate and hungry. We have been serving nourishing and wholesome breakfasts to those passing by our office premises in Dehiwala, including those living in and around Banku Watta, Aponsu Lane, Subodharama Road, etc. Those passing by included Municipal Council street workers, three-wheeler (taxi) drivers, those waiting in lengthy fuel queues for hours, people rushing to work, lottery ticket sellers, pavement hawkers, etc.

Initially, we were serving breakfast only once a week. However, as we are the only community kitchen within the vicinity, the demand increased, and we now distribute breakfast twice a week. Employees of the ADT and volunteers come together to prepare, cook, pack and serve breakfast every Wednesday and Friday morning.

Up to date, we have served string hoppers with Sri Lankan dhal (red lentil) curry and coconut chutney, sago porridge, sundal (stir-fried chickpeas), bread with dhal curry, and string hoppers with soya meat curry.

Even amidst the rain, fuel crisis, transport and economic situations in Sri Lanka, we have had volunteers trickling in to help us with the community kitchen. With the re-emergence of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, we also distributed face masks along with their breakfast.

We also provided meals to children attending school who live by the beach in extreme poverty. As of 27th October 2022, we have served over 7,300 people.

We hope to continue this initiative until December 2022. If you would like to partner with us by making a donation or volunteering with us, please get in touch with us at +94 771 866 512


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