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The ADT Partners to Distribute Dry Ration Packs

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The present economic crisis prevailing in Sri Lanka is significantly affecting vulnerable communities. In partnership with Asia Pacific Baptist Aid (APBAid), the Alliance Development Trust (ADT) distributed dry ration packs worth Rs 7,500 to 400 families living in the areas of Aluthmawatha, Elie House Road, Pichchamal Watta Road, Pransha Watta, Ferguson’s Road, Mahawatta, Pubudugama, Kunjawatta and Wattiwala. The primary beneficiaries were expectant mothers and persons with disabilities.

"My husband passed away some time ago, and my children and I have all lived in a rented house for the past nine years in Kandana. I also have a daughter and son who both attend school. My main income comes from my daily work. However, I haven't had a proper job for the past four months because of the current situation. I want to thank you all for this wonderful gift, and may God bless you.”

- Mrs Achala

"My name is Amos, and I live in Kotahena. As I had high blood pressure, I had a stroke which resulted in my disability. Because I can't work, I try to support my wife in whatever way possible. My wife is our family's breadwinner, and it makes me sad that she has to do this. I am so grateful that you all have given me this, as it is a big relief for my family and I. May God bless you all.”

- Amos


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