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The Skills Development Programme: Madushani

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

This initiative has been underway since 2018 and is geographically based in Eastern and

North-Central Provinces specifically, in Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Ampara, and Polonnaruwa.

Its primary purpose is to address the skills gap in terms of training and qualification and to

contribute employment opportunities to the tourism value chain. This initiative prioritises

women and persons with disabilities and strives to provide equal and sustainable job

opportunities for all.

The ADT conducted surveys, mapped out needs and selected over 200 candidates for the

relevant programmes. The ADT partnered with various educational institutions with the aim of providing educational opportunities for those selected candidates to obtain Level Three and Four of the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). A total of 182 candidates graduated with the NVQ, out of which 62 of those candidates are currently employed. Their contribution towards the tourism value chain has indefinitely improved their practical skills and standard of living.

The Easter Attacks brought on an evident decline in the tourism industry in the Batticaloa region. The ADT intervened with key industry market leaders to appeal on behalf of those struggling to obtain employment in their fields of training and qualification. As a result of the interventions made, 44 candidates gained employment in the hospitality industry.


  • Ten candidates from Trincomalee, supported through the programme, received their lifeguard training certification.

  • Thirteen female candidates reading for a Beautician course graduated with the NVQ Level Three qualification in Batticaloa.

Meet Madushani

Madushani was among several youths in the Ampara district to receive financial support to enrol in a beautician’s course. Upon completion, Madushani was encouraged to follow work-based training to improve her skills and develop her career as a beautician. Madushani has since partnered with two of her fellow graduates and established a Salon in the area.

The ADT also provided Madushani with a grant to purchase make-up and skincare products for her business.

“My parents are very happy that I have engaged in my own business. As of now, we have received bookings for 06 weddings. I feel very happy and accomplished to see a bride whom I have dressed. I was able to come this far and be successful because of what I have learned through the beautician course.”


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