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Ranjithamalar Tastes the Flavour of Happiness

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Ranjithamalar is a very enterprising lady from Varani Iyattalai, Jaffna. She refused to accept defeat when her husband's demise resulted the end of their business venture. She was determined that she could manage to look after herself and provide for the needs of her brother's son and daughter, who were orphaned. For years she struggled to make ends meet; she would grind the chillies she grew in her garden, packet the powder, and sell it to the neighbouring markets. The income she secured from these ventures were enough for their day-to-day needs. Ranjithamalar knew that she could further enhance her efforts, but she could not do so as she was unable to raise the capital needed. So, she kept trudging on in this manner, barely managing with the marginal profit that kept her home fires burning.

During this time, Ranjithamalar came to know of the ADT's initiatives to help the people of Varani. She came to know of the meetings held in the community hall about developing the community and decided that she would tell them about her need. "I told them about my small livelihood venture and about my plans of developing it", recalled Ranjithamalar explaining how the ADT supported her dreams of expanding her little livelihood into a steady business. "I told them that I needed money to improve and expand this business. They approved a loan for the development of my business." She further explained how she was able to purchase a stock of chillies from her neighbours at a lower than market price with the loan she received. Ranjithamalar's success lies in the unique flavour of her products. "I roast the ingredients before I grind them", she shared with a smile. Seeing the potential to improve her livelihood, the ADT has now given her a second loan. "Thanks to the income I receive from this business, I am able to look after my brother's children too," she said whilst expressing her gratitude. "We learn so much through the monthly meetings held by the ADT at which they teach us how to invest and save the money we earn from our livelihoods."


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