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Conference on Leprosy Eradication in Kalmunai

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

A regional conference on eradicating leprosy was held at the Office of the Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS), Kalmunai, on the 22nd of February, 2023. RDHS, Dr I.L.M. Rifaz, chaired the conference.

The ADT organised the conference in partnership with the RDHS, Kalmunai. Consultant Dermatologist at Kalmunai Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Dr I.L. Mahil, and Epidemiologist at the Regional Health Services, Kalmunai, Dr M. A. C. M. Fazal, participated as resource persons in this conference.

Statistics on the status of leprosy in Kalmunai were presented during this conference. In addition, discussions focused on suggestions and proposals to eradicate leprosy in the region.

Several officials and dignitaries, including the Head of programmes, The Leprosy Mission England and Wales, Sian Arulanantham, Deputy Director, RDHS Kalmunai, Dr Wajith, Director, the ADT, Raghu Balachandran, officials attached to the RDHS Kalmunai, representatives of the ADT, Public Health Inspectors, representatives of religious organisations, interfaith leaders, and representatives of non-governmental organisations participated in the event.


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